KODAK Capture Desktop Software

KODAK Capture Desktop Software 1.4

Scans, processes, edits and shares documentation
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Access and modify data from single documents and complex bundles by running a system scan in the suite and editing the identified files. It creates quick access shortcuts for selected processes, rotates, crops, rescans, inserts images, exports data to email/printer/Microsoft Sharepoint, etc.

KODAK Capture Desktop Software is an intuitive and easy-to-use capture software application, specifically designed to make processing and sharing scanned documents simple. With KODAK Capture Desktop you’ll receive “out of the box” production and have the immediate ability to capture, edit and output anything from single documents to larger batches in distributed or departmental environments.

KODAK Capture Desktop Software is exclusively available as a bundled product with select KODAK Scanners at no additional charge. Along with the essentials for easy and productive scanning, Kodak Capture Desktop shares the design and interface of KODAK Capture Pro Software, which offers many more advanced capabilities for image and data capture automation (see upgrade information below).

Through a complete set of icon-based tools and other features, KODAK Capture Desktop software offers simplified scanning. Quickly and easily scan to file, create searchable PDFs or integrate your information into a common location - such as MICROSOFT SHAREPOINT.
Main features:
- Single touch shortcuts; assign shortcuts/scanner buttons to your common jobs
- Scan to multiple file types and output to multiple locations including email/printer/Microsoft Sharepoint
- Edit images after scanning (rotate, crop, rescan, insert image)
- Automated document separation using blank sheets of paper
- Drag and Drop OCR
- Page set-ups for easy configuration of commonly used features
- Single field indexing (manual or drag-and-drop OCR)

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